2020 Primetime Players: S

Instead of doing individual players like last year, this year Draft Core will be highlighting the position as a whole.

Players deemed as “Primetime Players” are the elite crop of the draft. Draft Core evaluates the top rated players and highlight a trait or two that will translate to the next level. In addition, Draft Core will make a player comparison and a team that needs the player’s skill set.

I almost gave in and went with no Primetime Players for this year’s safety class, but I decided to put Delpit as the only prospect at the position. At the start of this past season, Delpit was a surefire top 10-15 prospect but the former LSU Tiger has been falling out of the first round of many mock drafts due to his inconsistent tackling and angles in pursuit.

I am not ignoring these weaknesses in Delpit’s game, but the good outweighs the bad with Delpit and he has a skill set that can lead a secondary for the next 10 years.

Grant Delpit LSU

Rangy Versatile Leader

Grant Delpit was one of the SEC’s most dynamic defensive playmakers across his final two seasons in Baton Rouge, earning First-Team All-SEC recognition in consecutive seasons, unanimous All-American honors and claiming the Jim Thorpe Award in 2019 as the nation’s best defensive back. Delpit brings a lot to the table and he projects favorably to becoming a high-impact safety in the NFL. He’s versatile, physical, smart, athletic and his skill set is perfect for matching up against the pace and space present in today’s NFL offenses.

The tackling ability is a valid question no doubt, but he dealt with both shoulder and ankle injuries which adds a little bit of context to the missed tackles and honestly isn’t a valid enough reason for him to fall out of the 1st round. The effort is clearly there and his problems can be fixed with good coaching.

Player Comparison: Minkah Fitzpatrick

Delpit is both versatile and rangy which is two defining traits of Fitzpatrick. The optimal role would be at free safety, but Delpit is definitely capable of lining up in the slot while also executing certain blitz packages from all over the place.

Team Fit: Miami Dolphins (1st Round, 18th or 26th overall)

Miami recently traded Fitzpatrick to Pittsburgh and left a massive hole in that secondary. Delpit fills the hole beautifully for head coach Brian Flores and gives a leader for his newly constructed defense.

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