2020 Primetime Players: EDGE

Instead of doing individual players like last year, this year Draft Core will be highlighting the position as a whole.

Players deemed as “Primetime Players” are the elite crop of the draft. Draft Core evaluates the top rated players and highlight a trait or two that will translate to the next level. In addition, Draft Core will make a player comparison and a team that needs the player’s skillset.

For this year’s EDGE class, it’s Chase Young and everybody else. The former Buckeye is easily the top option at the position. This is a position group with dependable options, but these players are not the “elite crop” of the draft that a Primetime Player entails. This is not a knock on the class, there just aren’t any elite options after Young which is why he is the only Primetime Player for the EDGE position.

Chase Young Ohio State

He is a Once an a Generation Talent

If Joe Burrow did not exist, I would be pounding the table for the Cincinnati Bengals to select him.

There are a variety of different ways to sack a quarterback. There are guys that overwhelm offensive linemen with pure strength. There are guys who use their speed to win the edge. There are guys who use a variety of different moves in their arsenal. Other than Myles Garrett or Khalil Mack, there really isn’t a prospect quite like Young and the former Buckeye might just be better than both of them.

Young profiles as an instant impact edge defender with the upside to become one the NFLs most prolific defensive playmakers… ever. He’s polished, powerful, athletic and features every desirable physical trait needed to excel in the NFL.

Player Comparison: Myles Garrett

When Garrett declared for the draft, he was the no doubt number one overall prospect of his respective class. Young both has the same hype surrounding him and he also plays like Garrett too.

Team Fit: Washington Redskins (1st Round, 2nd overall)

Washington have far more pressing needs, but the opportunity to select Chase Young at pick 2 is too good to pass up. The folks in Canton can start creating his bust and gold jacket now.

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