Welcome to Draft Core!

Draft Core offers year round coverage of the NFL Draft. From Mock Drafts to Position Rankings, Draft Core provides in depth analysis of the premier prospects poised to make an impact at the next level.

Primetime Player:

The elite crop of the draft. Draft Core evaluates our top rated players and highlight a trait or two that will translate to the next level. In addition, Draft Core will make a player comparison and a team that needs the player’s skillset.

Sleeper Spotlight:

A spotlight on the under evaluated prospects of the draft. These are the players that should be valued higher than they actually are and we will tell you why. The format of the post will mirror primetime player and also give a player comparison and a team he’d fit well on.

Mock Drafts:

Draft Core offers an unique spin to the mock draft process. Instead of predicting what will happen, we will make each pick as if we were the team’s respective GM and state what should happen. As a result, the accuracy of the picks will not be a concern. The main priority will be being able to look back in a couple years and see how our evaluations stacked up with production on the field. Our Mock Draft will be posted a day or two before the NFL Draft.

Position Rankings:

Draft Core will offer a top 15 ranking by position a day or two before the NFL Draft. Our rankings will be posted at the same time the Mock Draft is.

Stay Tuned!

Future posts and series will be created as the website expands. Keep in touch with our social media accounts for all of our updates.

Instagram: Draft_Core

Twitter: @Draft_Core

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